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Computer Repairs

We offer full service computer repairs

Computer Repairs & Upgrade

Here at Ofion workshop we repair your computers at affordable price, since customer satisfaction is number one on our list we make sure that all computers are thoroughly inspected before and after repair. Computer-repair

Private & Business Users

Some of the services that we offer (Terms and Conditions Apply): PC/Laptop Format and Re-Installation Complete format of your Pc/Laptop OS installation or OS refresh and cleaning. OS Installation Have you purchased PC or a laptop without OS, or you want to change your existing OS with the new one, you knock on the right door. Our technicians can install your desired system, complete with all the drivers and we make sure that you will have all updates and all needed software for proper functioning installed as well. Driver problem solutions We help you identify the damaged/lost drivers for your system or install the new drivers for your devices. Operative System cleaning System cleaning of everyday junk software and installations, bring your OS to the basics (not the same as format). Various systems upgrades as Hard disks, Solid State Disks, Memory and Motherboards We can upgrade your system with HDD, SSD, RAM Memory, Power supply or Motherboard. If you decide to migrate your system to new SSD drive we could keep your OS as it was by cloning your HDD. Device installations, Graphic Cards, Sound Cards, Specialised Network devices, DVD Drive replacement…etc. Laptop-Image Data backup and full system imaging We can backup your system for you, automatic backups to network devices or external devices as it fits your needs. Contact us with your problem and we will find a solution. Spyware & Virus Removal and fine system tuning If you were under a virus attack, your system integrity might be compromised, we will assist you and try bringing back your system to working order. We can offer our assistance to help you recover from such failures as soon as possible with the least disruption. Anti Virus, Anti-Spyware and Spam detection software installations Our recommendations are to set up powerful anti-virus, anti-malware programs and execute regular scanning to prevent failures before occurring and stop these unwanted programs from spreading further. Spam mail is an annoyance to all and can prevent you from finding your required mails, once again we can assist by setting you up with proper anti-spam programs to keep your mailbox clean and operational. WiFi and Home network installations and Configurations Would you like to connect all devices in your home to connect to each other? You came to the right place. We can create your home network the way you like (depends on devices). Data retrieval from crashed systems We offer services of saving your data from all types of digital media. Fast end efficient, we save data from logically and physically damaged hard disks, USB memory sticks, Flash memory, SD Memory cards, other memory cards, RAID systems and various different media. We also save your deleted data. It is important to contact us immediately Most common problems we face is electronic faults on Hard disk, deleted data partitions, deleted data, Flash disk not present in system, BIOS can’t detect HDD. IMPORTANT: Do not try yourself to retrieve the data, in such cases data could be completely lost.  

Wireless Networks Ofion

Business IT Support

Wired & Wireless nretwork design and implementation

Your company network infrastructure is key factor in circulation of your IT systems. We pay attention to detail when designing and installing networks. Our team is verse in setting up network systems with high reliability and outstanding performances.

Physical and Virtual Servers Installation and Monitoring

Our team is experienced in enterprise level servers setup and monitoring. We can meet you and discuss your particular needs and then deploy the solutions. Ofion Software can provide you with server hardware necessary purchases, hardware maintenance and upgrade, setup of data cabinets for small and large businesses alike. We are versed with Hyper-V, Citrix and VMware Vitrualization solutions for servers and desktops. Software updates, Internal company domains, Microsoft Exchange, Email Servers, Active directory, User accounts, Sharing Permissions maintenance and proper data sharing solutions.

Performance improvement

We will make sure that your systems are correctly configured and that no software issues are slowing down your system and degrade your overall performance. We will analyse your systems for possible problems and get your systems performance to the optimum levels.

Data Backup Schedules and Data Restore

Well known fact that data backup is time consuming and costly and that you don’t need it until you need it. Hard disk failure and accidental deletion are some types of data loss scenarios and this could mean complete stop of your business to unknown periods of time. Best solution is to prepare and ensure regular backups of your data, both to local data storage and remote locations / cloud storage, so that if anything goes wrong your data can be safely recovered and business resumed. We can help you plan properly your hardware, system and operation in order to ensure successful recovery, you could keep separate backups for separate days of the week as well as separate weekly backups. Apart from backups systems, we are equipped to assist you with data recovery from failed media such as hard disks and flash drives.

Preventive Maintenance

As wise people say, it is better to prevent then to remedy. Each problem can stop your business while it is resolved, in best cases this is few minutes but it could easily be few hours and as we know customers today are not of a patient kind. Regular checkups of hardware, software and network means that we will have the ability to detect a problem before it grows and hardware control can help avoid problems completely. Systems that power your business will be more reliable and safer.

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