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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

We’ve often heard that mobile marketing is the future.

The truth is, however, that mobile marketing is the present, and it’s evolving at an increasingly fast pace. It is far beyond time to begin adopting a marketing strategy which revolves around the most popular method of communication today — mobiles.

If your current marketing strategy is not yielding the results it once used to, this is because it is vital to keep up-to-date when it comes to marketing your brand.

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If you haven’t got a hang of mobile marketing yet, this might be why you aren’t staying on top of the game.

If you haven’t got a hang of mobile marketing yet, this might be why you aren’t staying on top of the game. Keeping up with the newest technologies and marketing methods are necessary for your competitiveness.

There is no reason not to make use of mobile marketing since this makes your business accessible at the push of a button. It is an extremely effective method to get to your clients quickly and a necessity in today’s fast-paced society.

Think of it this way. If you need to make a quick search about a business, where would you look to? Some of us might still resort to the newspaper or business directory as our first source of information, but the reality is that most potential clients do not. Why would they? They probably have a mobile phone in their pocket, and can just type in a few keywords in a search engine and come out with exactly what they are looking for.

Apart from this, mobile advertising is growing fast. Faster than any other kind of advertising, in fact. It’s all well and good to have a decent online advert up and running — but is it mobile-optimized?

An effective way to get noticed by prospective clients and get your message across is a fun, immersive video. Most people enjoy watching videos on their mobile phones — so much that they don’t even mind if it’s an advert. Ofion can help you create the best kind of video advert suited to your company, with high-quality video editing and 3D animation.

Having a website that is up and running, optimized for search engines, well-designed and mobile friendly is imperative — but mobile marketing offered by Ofion goes beyond this. Compact mobile ads optimised to appear in-game or in-app have also proven to reap great results.

There are many other aspects to mobile marketing that are incredibly useful and can give your business a big push in the right direction. Promotions are particularly effective in mobile marketing, and the use of mobile cameras to scan barcodes and gain promotions have proved to be very popular among clients.

In order to create a mobile marketing strategy, there is no need to entirely do away with your current marketing efforts. At Ofion we can seamlessly integrate your current strategy with a mobile marketing programme so as to make the best out of all the means of reaching out to your clientele.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still best solution when it comes to price and campaign speed. Ofion helps you to create email marketing campaigns delivered timely and cost effective. We will make sure that your business stands out!

Graphic Design

Otherwise known as communication design, graphic design is omnipresent in today’s society. It’s ability to project your ideas and various experiences through textual and/or visual content.

Web Design

Building a website is both fun and serious job. We handle the serious part so you can rely on professional work and simply enjoy the fun part. Get found, be seen and stay accessible from all devices.

Printing Services

Order faster and easier with a wide range of products and services for any size of business or project. Personalised stationery, packaging, large format printing or advertising material? We got you covered.

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