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Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing is still very much in use.

All hype today is centered around the digital marketing and how everyone seldom mentions traditional marketing as if it is completely dead and that billboards and tv commercials don’t exist anymore. We agree that there is no question about number of advantages of digital over “analog” marketing, but there is a number of methods of “old” marketing very much present and strong and it is still having a large chunk of marketing plans budgets.

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If you are thinking of raising brand awareness you should still use some traditional marketing techniques.

Mainly represented as outbound marketing, traditional marketing incorporates television commercials, radio ads, banners, brochures and trade show stands. Pushing the message out to the world to be perceived by as much of population as possible and it is sometimes also referred to as interruption marketing, using interruption of other content to be seen and heard, but continued advertising and constant sales talks can be irritating. The return on investment on such campaigns can be very low, hence some methods have higher ROI then others.
If you are thinking of raising brand awareness there is no question about using traditional techniques to achieve results, as print media advertising still holds a good place in a traditional marketing mix and it still works well if properly conducted.

Ofion team believes in helping clients achieve their marketing strategy by merging best of both worlds, thus bringing traditional marketing techniques in the sync with more inbound marketing oriented digital marketing campaigns. Relating to the clients needs we can help you bring the leads which can convert to a whatever goal you set up; higher number of visits, brand awareness, higher sales, product reviews and many more.

Example of traditional marketing techniques which still work today and how we can help you with it:


  • Billboard advertising > Banner print, Poster print
  • Direct mail > Flyers and newsletters design and printing
  • TV Advertising > Creation of videos, video advertising
  • Radio Advertising > Music spots, creation of voice over
  • Print media advertising > Graphic design of adverts, print magazines, brochures and other printed materials for distribution
  • Company stationery > Branding, print business cards, letterheads, envelopes
  • Referral marketing > Calls for feedback, printed vouchers

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still best solution when it comes to price and campaign speed. Ofion helps you to create email marketing campaigns delivered timely and cost effective. We will make sure that your business stands out!

Graphic Design

Otherwise known as communication design, graphic design is omnipresent in today’s society. It’s ability to project your ideas and various experiences through textual and/or visual content.

Web Design

Building a website is both fun and serious job. We handle the serious part so you can rely on professional work and simply enjoy the fun part. Get found, be seen and stay accessible from all devices.

Printing Services

Order faster and easier with a wide range of products and services for any size of business or project. Personalised stationery, packaging, large format printing or advertising material? We got you covered.

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