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IT Project Management

IT Project Management

Each business in Malta or worldwide will at some point of time undertake some type of IT Project.  Some of them might be Software Development and implementation, Hardware installations, Network System Upgrades or just Data Management. Structured and strategic approach to planning, organising, leading and managing / controlling IT Projects is known as IT Project Management. Some elements are common for most of the projects and it ranges from allocating IT capabilities and resources to research and identify technology problems and risks. Ofion team can help you to better select, create, manage and track progress of IT projects effectively.

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How does Ofion team manages a project?

In general, each project has its own life cycle which is a part between starting and ending project points. This so called life cycle consist in 5 phases.

Project Initiation

Identify project objectives or problem and assign a project manager to the project. He then recruits the project team and they create a project charter. Budgeting is part of this step.

Project Planning

Manager and team then define all the steps and deliverables for the given project, this is an ongoing or repetitive process and team returns to this step during the project to ensure that all defined tasks have a start and end date as well as people responsible for each task, this becomes a project plan or project map. If involving a third party, at this point all requests for proposals are created and sent.

Project Execution

The project team then executes the plan to create deliverables for the project. As already mentioned, through project execution team can shift to project planning as needed.

Project Controlling and Monitoring

As the project is being executed by the project team, the project manager monitors and controls the work for cost, time, scope, quality, risk, and/or many other factors of the project. The project manager regularly reports the project status, as well as any issues and risks, to the project owner. To ensure that the project meets its targets, goals and objectives, monitoring and controlling will also happen often through out the project life cycle.

Closing the project

At the end of each phase of the project and at the entire project completion, closure of the project ensures that project deliverables has been completed, that it is approved, if needed tested, end-user installations (if any) concluded and whole project has been handed over from our project team to clients Operations.

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Segmentation of different actions by Project manager is determined by Project Knowledge areas

  • Project (Time) Schedule Management
  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Human Resources Management
  • Project Communication Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Project Clients (Stakeholders) Management
  • Project Integration Management
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