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Network Infrastructure Planning

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Why is proper network infrastructure planning so important?

Ever-changing IT needs call for some future-proofing, without proper planning your network infrastructure we could easily make a mistake and oversee some important requirements. With today speeds available, clients often think that they need to overspend and install the fastest devices available which in the end leaves them with little left in their budget for their other IT work related expences. Do you really need 100 Gigabit or even 10 Gigabit networks? Just because it is available it does not mean that you will utilise even fraction of that speed. But obviously this depends on customer, and we always advise our clients that if they don’t need fastest technology available they shouldn’t spend an arm and leg for the hardware.

Network Infrastructure Planning

Every business today have or need some kind of network at their premises, but more often than not our team is facing issues with clients inadequate or incompatible network infrastructure. Sometimes issue is old network with ports failing in every room, sometimes its a labeling issue but usually its not existing at all.

Our team at Ofion properly design all network roll-outs before conducting installations. With clients needs on mind and regarding their IT knowledge in house we properly draft plans for network complexity. Network too complex can cause issues with support especially when clients IT staff does not have understanding of all the features and functions that we can implement. We recognise your core business needs and suggest only simplest solutions that can cover all your current business solutions.

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Most important things that we consider when planning your network infrastructure:

  • Pre-Assessment
  • Network complexity
  • WiFI access needs
  • Whether POE is needed or not for
  • Unified Communications Support
  • Speed Requirements
  • Redundancy
  • Internet connectivity
  • Security Requirements
  • Virtualisation and Cloud Computing
  • Network Hardware and Network Components
  • Network Architecture and performance

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