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What is Branding?

We live in a time when the term “brand” is widely used, however its interpretation and significance may vary from person to person. Then what, exactly, is branding? Throughout history, branding referred to the various ways by which particular products and livestock could be identified as belonging to a particular producer or breeder. That name or symbol is today’s equivalent of a logo. But today, branding is much more than a logo – it is the identity and character of your brand; your company culture, voice, look, feel and sound will reflect your brand identity. Branding, in recent times, refers to a well-defined “brand image,” representative of a particular person, product or company, which extends to a specific mood, logo, colour, sound, dream, social class, message, ideal, etc. This brand image, or brand personality, is associated with all the products, audio-visual and graphic presentations, marketing, etc. of that brand. We help you define the brand of your company. We help you develop its identity, build its significance, its ease of recognition and its reputation, extended to every product or service provided under that brand. We help you build your brand, online and offline.
why is SEO so important
why is SEO so important
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The Brand is more than a logo or a sticker, it is a whole package. It combines your company culture, your message, look and feel and sound of your product or service.

How do we define a brand?

At Ofion Software, we have a number of major goals, and one of them is to focus on our client’s specific needs. This is especially pronounced when it comes to developing a brand identity. The process of branding at Ofion begins with a meeting, where the client, a few double espressos and big bag of ideas come together before us. We learn all we can about your company, its operations and goals – an important step to understanding who you are and what your customers must see in your brand. Pen is put to paper to scribe emerging thoughts and concepts, until we succeed in defining your brand personality and how to represent it.

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Branding Strategy and Implementation

It’s all good to have big ideas, but the best ideas are the ones that can be executed within reasonable effort and resources. We know that you are busy with day-to-day operations, so we create a branding strategy that can easily be integrated into your schedule, thus avoiding the risk of abandonment through lack of time and resources. Once your brand concept and brand personality have been defined, we help you execute the branding strategy: we help you build your brand identity and recognition by implementing various means, using various media to reach out to clients and reel them in. Some of these methods include branded stationery, brochures, websites, billboards, advertising, PR and company messages, all of which are aligned with your brand image and will remain consistent through time. Branding efforts are also extended to marketing, advertising, and communications, using the right channels and right tactics.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still best solution when it comes to price and campaign speed. Ofion helps you to create email marketing campaigns delivered timely and cost effective. We will make sure that your business stands out!

Graphic Design

Otherwise known as communication design, graphic design is omnipresent in today’s society. It’s ability to project your ideas and various experiences through textual and/or visual content.

Web Design

Building a website is both fun and serious job. We handle the serious part so you can rely on professional work and simply enjoy the fun part. Get found, be seen and stay accessible from all devices.

Printing Services

Order faster and easier with a wide range of products and services for any size of business or project. Personalised stationery, packaging, large format printing or advertising material? We got you covered.

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