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Prologue: Digital Marketing Solutions

Do you have a clear picture of what a Digital Marketing Campaigns are and how to measure it? What defines success of one; hits, shares, likes, or sale? We are here to help you kickstart your digital marketing campaigns in Malta and understand it all the way through.

Our Independent Agency Work is Flexible and Agile but still Thorough and Complete

Our full commitment is to you as a client and we always invest our expertise & creativity and dedicate time to run on full power all the projects we start. We are a professional team of independent, creative and recognised designers and developers who can provide you with variety of services.

Branding and Identity

The Brand is more than a logo or a sticker, it is a whole package. It combines your company culture, your message, look and feel and sound of your product or service. Ofion team will help you deliver your brand vision to wide audience.

Graphic Design and Illustration

We create graphic designs which are both inspirational and informative, some of which are:

  • Corporate identity
  • Industrial and graphic design
  • Video, TV production and photography
  • Concept and design for packaging and promotional materials

Web Design and Development

We aim to provide elegant and clean website designs that are attractive and user-friendly. All our websites are responsive and mobile device ready, easy to navigate, fast and simple, while fulfilling the specific requests and targets of your company and your brand presentation needs.

Reach your audience wherever they are

Effective and timely solutions in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Mobile and Email advertising. We can help you reach audience with proper planning and desired targeting.

Usual steps we take with new clients

Not all businesses are created equal and there is no template that will fit everyone’s budget, targets and time frame. With this in mind we have a basic steps to follow in order to provide you with desired services timely and efficiently.


We have a meeting or few in orfer to understand your company, business and your targets, to clearly define your brand and set up your communication tone.


We carefully plan our communication, processes and development, defining the deliverables to details, and create strategy for online presence.


Back and forth communication, project management, exchange of content, images, videos, stories, design and development processes, review and submission.


Iterate and reiterate projects, fixing problems, finding solutions, split testing, nuts and bolts, redesign and rethinking, excessive coffeine intake.


Now that your project is ready we can relax; or can we?

Digital world we live in does not give us time to rest, that does not mean that project never ends, it only means that a new project begins, web site maintenance, backups, new marketing campaigns, ongoing social media management and much more, but.. we are here to take a load of your back, talk to us.

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